Case 3.25oz Aldersmoked King Salmon (24 Cans)


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Case of 24 cans.

Dave’s Alderwood smoked King Salmon fillets are packed with a touch of olive oil.

A crowd-pleasing favorite, King Salmon offers a delicate flavor and a decadent juicy richness, with a buttery soft texture.

Alderwood grows in the Pacific Northwest  is a very soft wood and known for its subtle sweet flavor. Indigenous people would preserve Salmon by slow smoking the fish over an Alderwood fire.

Dave’s Alderwood Smoked Salmon tastes sweet and a little smoky. The healthy marbled fats containing essential omega oils are preserved in our canning process.

Delicious Serve on a platter of artesian crackers, brie, goat cheese, olives, sliced cherry tomatoes and red onion. Perfect for dips, salads, appetizers, or pastas.

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