6oz Alder-Smoked King Salmon- CAN


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6oz Alderwood Smoked King Salmon

Alderwood smoked King Salmon fillets are packed with a touch of olive oil.

A crowd-pleasing favorite simply by name, King Salmon offers a delicate flavor and a decadent juicy richness , with a texture that is velvet tender.

Alderwood is grown in the Pacific Northwest is a very soft delicate wood known for its subtle sweet flavor. Early settlers would preserve Salmon by slow smoking the fish over an Alderwood fire.

Alderwood smoked salmon tastes sweet and a little smoky, and the marbling of healthy fats are the velvet of texture.

Serve on a platter of artesian crackers, brie, goat cheese, olives, sliced cherry tomatoes and red onion. Perfect for dips, salads, appetizers, or pastas.

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