3.25oz Gourmet Albacore Fillets No Salt


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3.25oz Gourmet Albacore Fillet -no salt

Dave’s Albacore are caught off shore in the coldĀ  waters of the North Pacific. Juvenile Albacore migrate into the Pacific late spring and fishing season continues into late fall.

Dave’s Albacore are ‘troll caught’ which is one hook per line, jigs are barbless and trail just on the surface at different lengths behind the boat. Once a fish hits the jig, that line is immediately pulled in to land and process that fish.

The faster a fish is bled and chilled the fresher the taste, which is protocol for sashimi grade, and why Dave’s Albacore is #1.

Dave’s Gourmet Albacore has an incredible mild taste with a protein dense, rich omega-3 velvet texture.

Delicious for salads, casseroles & spreads.

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