The North Pacific ocean is one of the strongest natural elements on planet earth.
To witness the power of the high seas is an experience only a few individuals will ever know.

Dave Greenberger grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and as a small child his playground was on the decks of fishing boats tied at the local marina near his home in Tacoma. Dave began fishing at the age of eleven and by the time he was twenty two, he owned his 48′ wooden fishing vessel ‘Jeanette’, and was making a living on the fishing grounds in the waters of the North Pacific. The Jeanette was built as a ‘salmon packer’ transporting mass loads of salmon down from Alaska to Seattle for distribution. Her vast belly allowed for extreme boyancy and she could safely cruise through the worst of ocean conditions in her course.

Late spring is when the first runs of adolescent albacore tuna begin to cross the dateline and feed in the offshore waters of the Pacific. This is when Dave would sail Jeanette on a due west course with one goal, plug the boat with tuna. Day and night her engine roared loudly causing a constant dull vibration which became a comfort alomost like music that represented her heart beat sustaining the journey ahead. Today Dave has made his home in Tacoma Washington where he oversees the canning operations and takes extreme pride in producting the finest canned seafood available today. Nearby the f/v Jeanette is harbored in the calm waters of Puget Sound and is honored for her years of devotion. Dave has retired her from fishing, and has refurbished every plank and nail. Her classic beauty represents years of devotion, tireless stamina and majestic strength…just like the tuna she once fished.



*Caught in America, canned in America
*Hook & Line caught dolphin safe in the Pacific NW and Alaska, canned in Washington state
*Only BPA-Free cans used
*Wild and safe from antibiotics, chemicals, and mercury

Dave’s Salmon is caught in the waters of North Pacific Coast. It is hand-packed and cooked in its own natural juices. Dave’s Salmon is an excellent source of Niacin and complete protein. The natural oils in Salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids which are benficial in reducing cholestrol leading to a reduced risk of heart disease.
Product of USA

Dave’s Albacore Tuna is pure gourmet quality unbleached albacore filets. This albacore is hook and line caught offshore by local fisherman in the waters of the North Pacific. 

These albacore are hand filleted and then packed in their own natural juices to offer the very best in flavor, texture, and quality.
Product of USA


Taste the Difference! There’s a reason why wild tastes better than farmed. Wild Salmon have a better life-style and consequently have a better taste than the farmed version.

What’s life-style got to do with it? Plenty. Compared to a farm fish living in a controlled environment, raised on pellets and antibiotics, the wild Salmon quite simply lives a great life. Dave’s Salmon are line caught in the ocean, when they are feeding on those tasty crustaceans ensuring a deep, rich Salmon flavor. That’s why you will go “wild” with Salmon. And, that’s why you’ll always get the best from Dave.

As for farmed fish escaping to the wild, their chances of survival are very slim. Being raised all their lives in a controlled environment & hand fed, they never develop survival skills such as pursuing prey & locating their spawning grounds.

What is “farm” salmon? Farm salmon is an industrial mass production of salmon. Farmed salmon are raised in net cages – penned directly in the ocean.

Why is farmed salmon considered dangerous? Farmed salmon are corralled into tightly controlled environments – allowing for disease and parasites to multiply and spread quickly. Antibiotics are added to feed pellets to help farmed salmon fight disease outbreaks. These antibiotics can be passed through the salmon to the consumer, causing the reduced effectiveness of certain antibiotics for curing human illness. The waste of farm fish is not treated and directly released into the ocean, smothering marine life and passing contaminants into the ocean.

Preliminary findings suggest that farmed salmon contain higher levels of PCB’s and dioxins than wild salmon. These chemicals can cause cancer, high blood pressure, strokes, immune-system problems and reproductive disorders. PCB’s can also effect normal development in children.


How does the nutrition differ? Farmed salmon does not offer the same health benefits as wild salmon. Farmed salmon contain a higher fat content than wild salmon with out any of the added health benefits of the Omega-3 oils.

Your question is one that comes up often. Our Albacore will appear and taste much different than the “corporate tunas” on today’s market. Each fish is processed by hand and canned…nothing is added and thusly the taste is not compromised. Other cans of Tuna have been processed multiple times, baked and then bleached to acquire the “white” coloring you see. Once that is complete, these “tunas” are filled with preservatives and additives.

Due to the freshness and natural taste of Dave’s Albacore, the question of shelf life arises.

Dave’s Gourmet Albacore, and all of our products for that matter, have a life of approximately 10 years. This is of course assuming the can is intact and the vacuum seal is preserved (i.e. the can has not been dented to the point of vacuum loss and there is no visible bulging in the can itself). Some say the fish actually gets better with time…to be honest, I agree with them

Tired of that commercial canned tuna? Wish you could enjoy the taste of fresh wild Salmon or Albacore, With all the convenience of having it ready to eat?? Here is your answer…Solid White Albacore Fillets and “wild” King Salmon, packed in their own natural omega-3 rich juices.


Hook and line caught wild Salmon and Albacore

  • Naturally high in protein, low in fat
  • No oil, water or salt is added.
  • Packed in their own natural omega-3 juices, beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Tastes like fresh Salmon or Albacore, but cooked for you and ready to eat, right from the can!

Pure gourmet quality unbleached Albacore & Salmon fillets hand-caught by hook and line, then packed in their own natural juices.

-No oil, water or salt is added.
-High in the most efficient protein you can eat
-Contains essential omega-3 oils beneficial in reducing the risk of heart disease, arthritis and high blood pressure.

Try Dave’s Albacore and Salmon in casseroles, salads, stirfrys or pasta dishes -it’s unbelievable!

Want Wild Caught fresh albacore, salmon, and oysters? Dave’s Gourmet Albacore offers the best quality gourmet seafood you will find. Shipped straight to your door, you can quickly enjoy the great taste and health benefits Dave’s products will provide, such as being low in calories, fat, and sodium, and high in protein, B vitamins, and of course the essential omega-3 fish oils.