The Fishing Fleet

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Leroy on the Blue fin: Leroy is a longtime local fisherman here in Santa Cruz. He goes after a variety of wild fish, such as, salmon, albacore, swordfish and various rock fish. He fishes solo along the California Coastline. He not only is an accomplished hook & line fisherman, he also is a remarkable machinist that we always love to have around!

Wilson on the Sun Ra: Wilson fishes solo off the coast of Santa Cruz. He supplies us with the freshest Black Cod that we use for our Alderwood Smoked Black Cod. He also fishes for Wild King Salmon, Albacore Tuna, and Dungeness Crab.

Frank on the Gayle R: Frank supplies us with the freshest hook & line wild caught salmon and albacore during the local seasons here in the Monterey Bay. He also brings in a plentiful harvest of Dungeness Crabs during the local crab season. During the off season he vacations at his home in the Azores.

Kim, Heidi and Becky on the High Hope: This is our beloved family fleet! Other members of the family include their cat, dog, rabbit, hermit crab and Ginny pigs! They all live together in Olympia Washington. They fish off the Washington, Oregon and California Coastline. Their main catch is wild King Salmon. They fish close to the beaches of the West Coastline which allows them to keep their catch fresh on ice.

Brett on the Millennium: Brett and the Millennium are from the Oxnard harbor in southern California. Brett fishes with Mike on the Triggerfish when they go offshore for Albacore Tuna.

Jim on the Tradewinds: Jim is an expert machinist and detailed craftsman. He is a good friend and fishermen! He supplies us with fresh wild salmon and albacore caught solo during the peak local seasons.

Marlese and Craig on the Preamble: They used to own and operate their own fish and chips store in Morrow Bay. They now fish fulltime during the peak seasons not only locally but off shore and all over the Pacific Ocean. They focus on catching sword fish, crab, albacore and salmon.

Rodney on the Sundancer: Rodney, along with his trusted crew, braves the Alaska seas to find his catch. He fishes offshore for Alaskan Halibut, wild King Salmon and Albacore Tuna.

Captain Jimmy Blum on the Tempest: Captain Jimmy is from Eureka California. He fishes offshore for Albacore Tuna and for Dungeness crab in the Neaha Bay in Washington. The ‘Tempest’ is a fishing boat virtually identical to the ‘Jenette’—which Dave called his home for many years out at sea. Both the Jenette and the Tempest were built in the Tacoma Washington shipyard. The Tempest, however, is a massive wooden boat, stretching a good 10 feet beyond the Jenette.

An old longtime salmon troller. As seasons became more and more regulated, surviving as a fisherman became very difficult—especially tough for Mike. He took his life after struggling not wanting to watch everything he loved come to an end. He is probably fishing in heaven right now and catching big fish every bite!

The delicate little ‘China Doll’ is an all wood 27 foot salmon troller. The boat is all white and so clean and perfect (hence the name ‘China Doll’). The owner Bill, who is in his 80’s now, has never missed a salmon season and he paints his boat from top to bottom every year before the season starts. His long wooden poles have become a local trademark.

In memory of Art Johnson, who slept with his Bible as he ran offshore for albacore. He always fished as a solo, one man operation—no deck hands to help. Once, a large tugboat passed in front of his boat pulling a huge barge. Bertha J went directly into the cable that stretched between the tugboat and the barge, ripping off his top house. Captain Johnson woke up and holding his Bible, walked up the ladder to find his top house completely gone.

Dave and the Jenette embark on another lengthy journey for offshore tuna from Santa Cruz in 1989.

Dave and Crista’s third crew member “Jammer”. Jammer is a brave kitty who at the time was out 1500 miles west from her home.

The ‘Anchor’ is the boat of historical fishermen, “Sig”.
Frank on the Ann R: Frank is a fisherman from Santa Cruz, California that fishes on his small boat solo for weeks on end. He fishes for salmon and Albacore in Oregon as well as in the Monterey Bay for the local season.
Tom on the Paloma: Tom is a local fisherman new to our fishing fleet. Tom supplies us with fresh wild King Salmon and albacore tuna throughout the Monterey Bay.
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